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Wedding planner  Tara Tasco on rehearsal dinners, speeches and picking the right planner for you.

If table-dancing is one of your wedding dat must-haves, go ahead and make it happen. TOPHER & RAE PHOTOGRAPHY

What are some tips you can offer when finding the right wedding planner for you?The best advice we can offer couples is to meet with any prospective wedding planners in person. You will find out what services they specialize in, whether they’re as excited as you about your wedding day vision and whether you think you can work with that individual or company. Ensure your wedding planner takes their business seriously – do they have any certifications and or training? Are they a registered business? Do they have liability insurance?

What are the necessary basics that go into planning the perfect wedding?
Communicating and involving your fiance in the planning process, figuring out your top three must haves for the big day and setting a day and you budget. Be flexible, have a sense of humour and relax.

What do I need to know about rehearsal dinners?
Rehearsal dinners are a wonderful way to thank all of those lovely folks —wedding party and their significant others, parents of the couple and the officiant—that stood by you during the process leading up to your big day. The dinners are traditionally hosted by the groom’s parents; however, most modern couple may opt to cover this cost themselves. The dinners can be as casual as a family barbecue and as formal as reserving a restaurant. There are no specific etiquette rules, however, it’s always be good to be clear on who’s paying for the dinner and who should be on the invitation list.

How can I make sure speeches don’t go on and on?
As far as the speeches go, often the parents of couple and other guests in attendance will want to toast the bride and groom. It’s always nice for the bride or groom to reciprocate by saying thank you, something short and sweet works.If you anticipate a guest may be a little long winded in their toast to you it may be a good idea to designate a certain amount of time to the giving of toasts.

Tara Tasco is the owner and expert behind BlissFull Thinking Wedding Planning Services. weddingplanninghalifax.com, 902-410-8272

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