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Whether you want to capitalize on new trends or stick with something sleek and high-impact, Pauline Pilcher has the goods on bouquets you won’t wanna toss.

Kate Hayter

What are some new trends you’re noticing?
The trends that are becoming more popular are people wanting to incorporate something old into their bouquets. Such as charms or a brooch from a mother or grandmother. I had a bride this year bring in a piece of material from her mother’s  wedding gown and I used it to wrap the stems of her bridal bouquet.

I have some serious allergies, what are some ways to accommodate that while not having to sacrifice florally?
I suggest staying away from strong scented flowers like Freesia. Or flowers that have a very high pollen count such as Lilies. Most roses don’t have a strong scent anymore and Calla Lilies don’t have a high scent.

How far in advance should I be thinking about my floral arrangements?
I usually suggest that my brides order at least six months in advance. This will book the date and it gives them time to make changes if they need to.

I favour a sleek look, what’s a good way to keep it simple but still elegant?
The Calla Lily always gives a sleek, elegant look. They are on the higher end of pricing, but even one large Calla is very elegant for attendants. The Bride could go with a bouquet of mini callas. It could be three, five or a few more.

I’m at a loss for centrepieces, where do you suggest I begin?
I would suggest figuring out the color theme and wedding party flowers first. Then you can incorporate all of that into your table centers. I work with a lot of brides and help suggest less expensive ideas that they can make themselves. You can incorporate a few of the garden flowers in summer and fall. Or in the fall, branches and twigs and leaves are always a nice option.

Do you have a favourite bouquet you’ve ever made?
I made a very simple, elegant wedding bouquet in September of this year. It was made with Blueberry Hydrangea in the natural colour. It had touches of baby’s-breath around the outer edge with looped bear grass. It was very simple, but I thought it made a stunning impact.

Pauline Pilcher, Pilcher’s Flowers A family-run business since 1932, Pilcher’s is owned and operated by professional florists and designers Charles and Pauline Pilcher. Expect a wide selection of bouquets,

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