Bouquet breakdown: green with envy

Alexa Cude

For this beach-inspired, monochromatic bouquet,
Korayne Romanchuk embraced texture and natural, untamed shapes.

KoKo Mod Floral Design’s owner and namesake Korayne Romanchuk likes her arrangements to stand out from the bunch.

“My inspiration is always ‘How am I going to make a piece of art, something original no one  has ever seen before,’” she says, which explains why she was totally up for the task of creating a green-focused, beach-inspired bouquet with an airplant as its centrepiece. “I like to do things differently—this bouquet wasn’t for anyone, it was on my own, so it was like how far can you push this? To use kangaroo paw, it makes me giggle because it’s like, who would put this in a bouquet?”

This monochromatic stunner was for a styled shoot with photographer Alexa Cude, and Romanchuk tapped into a muted colour scheme you’d find on the beach, using textures and shapes and the greyish greens of multiple eucalyptus to make a bridal bouquet fit for a salty, stylish Nova Scotian mermaid. Here are some of the stand-out details that went into making the long-lasting work of art.

1. Olive foliage

“They have this really different organic movement, they do their own thing you cant tell them wear to go. It’s fun to see how even more organic they can make a bouquet look. It offers a whole other experience for me.”

2. Dusty miller

“It has this little peach fuzz over it so it offers this very soft, sweet tone, which is my favourite. They’re more textural than anything else, I try to push the boundaries with that.”

3. Xerographica (AKA airplant)

“The inspiration started with the airplant. When you pull it out it has these tendrils that are curly and crazy and look like something that would come from the bottom of the ocean. I wanted to create a bouquet as organic as possible, very organic and simple and elegant.”

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