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 Makeup artist Chantelle Brown shares tips on how to choose your look—and make sure it stays intact—on your wedding day.

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Say I’m a crier. How can I make I can both sob, and make sure my makeup stays mostly intact?

Priming and setting is very important, but so are the products you use. Some people use a setting spray, which can work wonders and really just keep your makeup fresh for the entire day, like 16 hours type of thing. And a lot of people don’t use it, they don’t even know about it, I find. I always say to dab your face with a tissue instead of wiping, and don’t rub—which sounds like you should just know it but your don’t. And of course waterproof mascara is a must.

What are some makeup tips for people who don’t normally wear a full-face of makeup, but want to wear some for the big day?

Well you want to keep things light and you want your skin to photograph even and fresh. I personally love neutral tones, especially for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup I feel like your wedding day is a day you want to look like a polished version of yourself. I often choose brown shades for the eyes, and tend to stay with matte colours, adding in a little shimmer towards the end, but for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, stick with the matte shades.

If you’re not someone who wear a lot of makeup I think hiring a professional is so important, and getting a trial or even going into a beauty counter, talking to them and getting them to show you how to properly apply things.

How can I prepare my skin for my wedding? How far in advance should I start working on some kind of regime?

A healthy diet with plenty of water makes a huge difference, I find a lot of times that’s the culprit for skin issues. But other than that as soon as you can, following a three step system of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, or using a serum or spot treatment if you have more troublesome areas you want to work on. Also exfoliating, it’s such a huge thing especially with how your makeup is going on to sit on the skin and wear for the day. I always recommend exfoliating a couple times  a week. I would say you probably want to start working uno things 6 to 8 months in advance if you can. If you don’t know what you should be using, see an aesthetician or see someone at the drug store or Sephora, because you don’t want to pick up any old cleanser.

Chantelle Brown is a beauty and bridal makeup artist in 902-452-7685

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