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Professional wedding photographer Michelle Doucette on how to look your best, regardless of the weather or time of day.


Michele Doucette

We want outdoor photos. How do we prepare for terrible weather?
Terrible weather can inspire some of the most creative wedding photographs! Be brave and be prepared. Make sure you have fun raingear ready for you and your wedding party: Brightly coloured umbrellas and rain boots can be a lot of fun, lift everyone’s spirits and brighten your images. Oversized white or black umbrellas can be the backdrop for beautiful classic shots, as well. Keep an eye out when scouting photography locations for gazebos or overhangs on buildings where you can snuggle up for some more intimate shots. In case of a rainy day, plan a fun activity for the wedding party, or pick up some steaming cups of hot chocolate to keeping everyone warm while capturing some fun action shots. If you have your heart set on sunny outdoor photographs and they don’t happen on your big day, why not plan a second shoot after your wedding?

When is the best time to do the photo shoot?
Choosing the best time for your photo shoot will depend on the time of day you’re getting married and whether or not you want to see each other before the wedding. If you are planning a sunset ceremony, it’s best to have your portraits and group photos taken earlier in the day while natural light is available. A photo shoot before the ceremony can be a great way to keep everyone busy before the big event and ease your nerves. You could plan a special and more intimate “reveal” where you see each other for the first time before everyone else.
If you are more traditional and prefer to have your main photoshoot after the ceremony, allow enough time to capture these important images without feeling rushed. Ask your photographer to advise on how much time you should set aside for family, wedding party and portrait shots. Choose your locations in advance so that the shoot runs smoothly and you’ll be back at the reception with friends and family on time.</p>

How I can make sure I look my best in the photos?
The most beautiful images are those where you look natural and comfortable. You want to look your best, but not overdone. Consulting with hair and makeup professionals before your wedding day gives you a chance to try out a few different looks to see what suites your unique personality and style. An engagement shoot is an excellent way to build confidence and learn a little about the photography process before your wedding day. It also allows your photographer to get to know you better. Have fun shooting at locations that are meaningful to you and experiment with different poses. This will give you and your photographer a better idea of the angles and compositions that work well for you. By the time your wedding day arrives, you can relax, be yourself and trust that the photographer will capture the moments where you look your best.

Michelle Doucette- Michelle is a graphic designer and photographer based in Halifax. She specializes in weddings and lifestyle portrait photography and feels fortunate to have turned her passion into a professional career.


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