Q&A: Elegant Paper Co.

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Elegant Paper Co.’s Rebecca Dimock and Lisa MacPherson sign, seal and deliver their invite expertise.

In such a digital-focused world, why are people still into paper invites?
Rebecca Dimock: They’re just more special. When a guest gets something like that in the mail it gets them excited. A beautiful envelope comes in the mail with your name in gorgeous calligraphy and it makes you feel through of and loved on by the bride and groom.

Lisa MacPherson: It also becomes a keepsake. It’s one of the first things people see when it comes to your style and colours and the theme of your wedding. It’s like a little appetizer. Clients make a lot of decisions with stationery that end up carrying through until the rest of their wedding.

When it comes to picking a look, where do you even start?
LM: We live in an age of Pinterest, often people arrive at their consultation with things they’ve seen and liked. We use that to try and guide the creative process, what they like about them and how they want to incorporate them We always want clients to incorporate things in a way that will be very unique to them.

R: People’s invitations reflect their own personal style. They reflect you as a couple and you as yourself as well.

What stationery trends are you seeing right now?
RD: What we have been focusing on with Elegant Paper Co. is fine art stationery. There’s a big focus on the paper which is hand-made or hand-torn, sometimes we add a tea stain or gold flakes. We try to elevate the design and have a luxurious, timeless look. We rely heavily on illustrations and modern calligraphy.

Any words of invite wisdom?
LM: You don’t have to send an invitation to each guest, you send them to households. Also, the main invitation isn’t a place for anything but basic information, you want a second piece of paper for logistical stuff.

RD: Wedding websites are helpful for people not wanting to send RSVP cards, you can also house all extra details there as well: transportation, meals, accommodations or maps.

LM: It’s basically an invitation to visit the website.

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