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With tips for bad weather, getting hitched outdoors and DIY decor, Shannon Bezanson of Do It All Events reminds us how important it is to take care of your guests.

Nicole Lapierre

I’m getting married outside but am nervous about weather being an issue. How can I prepare myself (and my guests) for the worst?
My number one advice to clients who are planning an outside ceremony is you always need a Plan B. The phrase Plan B starts to become a dirty word in the planning process but it has to be thought about carefully. Yes, it is your day but you still need to keep your guests in mind—they need to be comfortable and have a good time. Communicate via your invitations about an alternative location incase the weather is not cooperating and provide guests with a phone number they can call the morning of the wedding in the case of rain. If pulling your ceremony into an indoor location is not an easy option, then you need to provide proper shelter for your guests, which can end up being an extra expense, but you cannot expect guests to “weather the storm” on your behalf. Look at purchasing inexpensive umbrellas as a guest favour—these can be used even if the weather is hot and sunny to provide shade.
I’m going DIY-style for my wedding, how do I delegate jobs to loved ones without making them feel like jobs?
Taking on a lot of DIY projects for your wedding can be very time consuming and stressful, but if you plan well in advance and get help you can have lots of fun with it. Firstly, you’ll have to get organized. Do your research and select the projects you want to do, then prepare lists of the materials needed to complete the projects and find everything you need before delegating jobs to loved ones. Throw a decorating party with friends and family, gets lots of snacks and beverages and set up different stations of your DIY projects where everyone can pick what they want to work on. Have a sample ready at each station so everyone knows what the end result should look like. Be very mindful of the people you ask to help though, asking uncle Joe who hasn’t picked up a pair of scissors since kindergarten probably won’t be very helpful for your crafty projects, but maybe he has talents that could be useful for another project. Always keep in mind the skills that you can tap into—that way you don’t end up with more stress then the relief when it comes to getting the projects completed on time.

I’m having an outdoor wedding, is it OK to have guests standing for the ceremony or should I give them an option? 
If your ceremony is 10 to 15 minutes in length, then yes, it is ok for your guests to stand. Have a few seats available for elderly and disabled guests, or guests with infants, and appoint a family member to take them to their seats upon their arrival. Having your guests stand around you during your vows can create a very intimate setting and allows for great photo opportunities. And bonus, if you are a budget-minded couple, you save money on chair rentals by having your guests stand.

Shannon Bezanson- Shannon has over 12 years of event planning experience across Nova Scotia and beyond. High energy, creative flair, and ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, she lends an air of professionalism to everything she directs, and offers a level of comfort to the most discerning client. 

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