When is social media acceptable at a wedding?

Give the people what they want and hastag the heck out of everything you share. CHELLE WOOTTEN

Ready or Knot’s Fallon Jones shares tips on exercising selfie control at weddings.

It finally happened: The couple you’ve been shipping forever is getting hitched. You’re excited. Your faith in true love is restored. And, you’re invited to the festivities.

“You can honestly tell from the invitation itself what the event is going to be like: If the invitation looks formal, it’s probably going to be a more formal event,” Fallon Jones, owner and lead coordinator at Ready or Knot Wedding & Event Planning says. And while that means some weddings might allow your favourite jeans (Jones adds ripped denim is always a hard no) certain etiquette will always be required on such a ceremony-studded day. Here, she shares her top tips.

On cell-free ceremonies
“Unplugged ceremonies are becoming more and more common. The ceremony is very intimate, very private, and they want you to remember it. That guest list took a long time to make: Often the couple is making third and fourth drafts of the list and you made the cut. You’re a really special person to them so take 20 minutes, put your cell phone away and enjoy the moment,” Jones says.

On wedding hashtags
When it comes time for the reception, Jones says you’ve got the green light to get snap-happy: “People implement their own personal hashtags and if you use it, people can see the photos from friends and family members. It’s special and always there,” she says.

On what to post
Jones says that while sharing photos of the big day (and pre-day fun like a bachelorette) can be good fun, be careful about everything you share—especially on a public profile. “No one wants to see unflattering pictures. You’re partying, you’re having fun and you don’t want to be worrying about constantly being under the lens. Your family will be seeing these photos, so keep it classy.”

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