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With so many decor rental options, what a busy bride needs is a well-curated collection. Krista Comeau and Jillian Demmons of Make Merry Events provide the perfect touch.

Dish out some vintage flavour with antique place settings. KRISTA COMEAU

What inspired Make Merry Events?
Hours spent poring over life’s beautiful details lured Jillian into the world of weddings, where the table settings, meals and garments are always lovely. Many of the whimsical things she found weren’t available to rent in Halifax. Krista and Jillian have been good friends for many years, perhaps in part because they’ve both always been treasure hunters, collectors, and salvagers of beautiful things—hoarders, to put it bluntly. When Jillian decided to make a business out of her passion, Krista was her natural partner. Why not mix business with pleasure?

What are some trends this year?
Rich deep colours, mercury glass, wild bouquets, greenery, playful table runners, elegant and whimsical garlands, non-traditional engagement rings, flower crowns, gold flatware, mismatched bridesmaids dresses, tux-less groomsmen, woodsy and bohemian and signature cocktails.

What are some easy ways to incorporate a vintage feel into an otherwise modern reception?
Playfulness can be brought out with colourful garlands, or a large, personalized photo backdrop. A 1920s- inspired wedding tends to have an aesthetic which feels both timeless and modern. Gold flatware, milk glass and striped and patterned linens can also blur the line between old and new. Focus on personal touches—this may be a piece of antique jewelry, or old framed photos of family. Don’t be afraid to include things that you love, regardless of the era.

I love the look of mismatched decorations yet want a cohesive feel, what’s the best way to achieve that?
We feel the same way, and keep this in mind when we put together our collections. We don’t limit ourselves to vintage. This allows us to have larger, more uniform sets of many of our items, which provides balance to mismatched vintage pieces. With our dishware, we focus on similar colour palates so that the overall look doesn’t feel too cluttered.

What are some unique ways you’ve seen your products used?
It’s nice to see people getting excited about our rentals and using them in unexpected ways, such as when Chelsea Lee of Chelsea Lee Flowers used our mercury glass votives as little bud vases. Another client used brass candleholders to hold small sprigs of flowers. We are excited to see what our future clients come up with!

Describe the looks you’re most inspired by right now.
We both love the French tabletop. Simple, rustic but elegant pieces, wild flowers, muted colours, and beautiful craftsmanship. We are inspired by celebrations that use nature as a backdrop, a wedding in the woods or a wildflower meadow.

Make Merry Events offers a unique array of high-quality, new and used event decor and specialty rentals with a vintage flair. These collections are designed to add personal and historical character to a wide range of special occasions, and provide an eco-friendly alternative to rentals currently available in Atlantic Canada.
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