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Pre-wedding workouts can help you shape up and de-stress. Essa Horvath offers tips on finding time, getting motivated and staying that way.

I don’t work out on a regular basis. Where do you recommend beginning?
If you are going about it alone, I would recommend sticking to the same workout every time, simply because you have so much on your plate that it will become overwhelming to plan workouts. Set specific times aside for your workouts, and treat them like any other important appointments. If you are able to afford a personal trainer or even a good group class, it’s a really good way to commit a specific amount of time and have someone else take care of the rest. This way you don’t have to worry about whether you are working hard enough, whether your form is good or which exercises to do in the first place; you can simply focus on the workout and allow an expert to take care of the specifics.

How far in advance of the wedding should I start get started to see a change?
At least eight weeks. In order to make this a fun experience rather than a race against time, I would recommend starting four to six months in advance. This way you don’t need to work out so hard that you can barely move for a week afterwards! Starting early ensures safe and lasting results, and the formation of habits that you can keep up. That being said, if you are planning to go full-out, you can see some pretty fantastic results in eight weeks.

 What are some low-commitment fitness solutions, or last minute tone-ups you can suggest?
The key is to plan everything in advance so that once you’ve got your workout clothes on you’re not spending time wondering what to do next. Interval training is a fantastic way to get the most benefit for time invested. One method of interval training is doing 60-seconds of high intensity interspersed with 75-seconds of low intensity movements. Do this 12 times in a row, and you have a fat-burning, metabolism-revving 30-minute workout. Try running, skipping or a stationary bike, or mix in different exercises. Three times a week is enough to see results with this method.

How can I stay inspired to keep fit post-wedding?
If you look at your pre-wedding fitness as “me time” you’ll build healthy fitness habits before the wedding meaning you will enjoy it and want to carry on post-wedding. The trick is finding a way you can enjoy the workout itself, and not just the benefits from it. Whether that means working with a friend, cranking the music up high, or locking yourself in a quiet, serene room, you will find something that allows you to cherish this time just for you.

Essa Horvath Passionate about empowering women through health and fitness, Essa is charismatic and genuine in her approach. Her dream is to make fitness a natural and fun part of every woman’s routine, and she founded Sculptura Fitness to provide a derriere-kicking workout to women of all ages and fitness levels in a friendly environment.

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