Caitlyn & Joseph

Meaghan Downey, MNEO Photos

Sometimes love hits you unexpectedly. Caitlyn Williams experienced that literally when she met Joseph Cooper at NSCC back in 2008.

Caitlyn asked Joseph to walk her to her car and he obliged. But when Caitlyn opened her car door, she hit herself in the head! Fortunately, though, that wasn’t the end of their story.

“We’ve been inseparable ever since,” says Caitlyn.

Joseph’s proposal to Caitlyn was a birthday bombshell. A few days prior, she says, “he met up with my dad and asked for my hand in marriage.” This traditional step was important to her. “They were both crying and very

At the time, Caitlyn had no idea what was in the works, so she was confused when her father delivered a cryptic message on her birthday morning. “My dad gave me a birthday card and it just said, ‘The best gift is yet to come,’” she recalls.

Later that day, Joseph took Caitlyn to Prescott House in the valley, where he popped the question.

“I was very, very, very surprised.”

Caitlyn’s father played a big role in the engagement, but he passed away in the midst of the wedding plans. Although Caitlyn wanted a laid-back wedding—more about friends and family than flair—there was one thing she knew she wanted: “A memory table of the family members that weren’t here anymore,” including Caitlyn’s father and Joseph’s grandmother.

The smile on her mother’s face is what Caitlyn will remember most.

“That’s what we wanted—for everybody to have fun.”

Meaghan Downey, MNEO Photos
Meaghan Downey, MNEO Photos
Meaghan Downey, MNEO Photos

Wedding Details

Invitations: Lupin Design Studio

Wedding venue: St. Mary’s Boat Club 

Reception venue: Shirreff Hall Dalhousie University 

Decor: One Day Affair Wedding Decor Design

Catering: Shirreff Hall Dalhousie University 

Flowers: Janet’s Flowers 

Suit: Moores Clothing 

Dress: Alyssa’s Classic Formals 

Cupcakes: Layers Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes 

Chocolates: Rousseau Chocolatier 

Entertainment: Lance Sparks

Rings: My engagement ring is Joseph’s great aunt’s ring, and our wedding bands are from Enso Rings 

Hair: Chatters Hair Salon, Dartmouth (Jwyla & Jessica) 

Makeup: Makeup by Shanea (assisted by Jamira)

Photographer: MNEO Designs

Meaghan Downey, MNEO Photos
Meaghan Downey, MNEO Photos

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  1. Love this relationship and love this family with all my heart. I have known Joe and Caitlyn for a very long time and am sooo very happy for them. There pictures are beautiful (Meaghan Downey).

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