Ariane & Bradley

Dave and Pring Photography

Their meeting was as classic as an old-school Hollywood meet-cute. On Halloween night in 2013, Bradley Daye was surveying the local bar in Sackville, New Brunswick, when he saw Ariane Tye from across the room. She had been dragged out for the night by a friend and was busy playing foosball when he decided to interrupt their game with some friendly competition. 

“I took it easy on her,” he says.

Nearly six years later, they were in the Annapolis Valley surrounded by friends and family. The most important decision was choosing the officiant. “I think we really wanted someone to marry us who knew us,” says Ariane. In the end, they chose the mother of a close friend.

“As she was talking about us, it wasn’t about us in theory, it was about us in real life,” she says. “She had stories about us. It was so personal because we had that connection.”

It wasn’t easy for the newlyweds to choose their favourite moment from the day, but Bradley says his mother’s speech was perfect. Months before their wedding, Bradley’s father had a laryngectomy which meant he wasn’t able to speak at their wedding. The task fell to his “very very very introverted” mom.

“He took a step back and let her hold that space. And as soon as she opened her mouth everyone started crying. It was beautiful” 

They describe their day as fun, freeing and full of love.

“A lot of people say it, and it sounds really corny,” says Bradley. “But until the day happens, and until you’re standing in front of a hundred people who all love you and who are sending you this incredible energy, you don’t truly understand that it is the best day of your life.” 


Wedding Details

Groom’s jacket: ASOS

Wedding dress: BHLDN

Bride’s jumpsuit: Club Monaco

Earrings: Sarah Holmes Jewelry

Hair comb: Toronto Bridal Jewels 

 Decor: Windgate Weddings & DIY

 Cake: DIY, bridesmaid

 Beer: Tatamagouche Brewing Company

 Caterer: Ambrose Pinder

 Flowers: Lameia Reddick 

 Hair: Jessica Lake, Dartmouth Chatters

 Makeup: Danielle Grasley 

Engagement ring: Pristine Jewelers, South Shore

Wedding band (groom): Ilan Amir Jewelry 

Wedding band (bride): People’s Jewellers, Halifax Shopping Centre

Invites/Stationery: DIY

 Music: DJ Skeeter-B

 Photographer: Dave and Pring Photography 

 Videographer: Terrence Taylor

 Wedding Venue/ Reception Venue: Windgate Wedding 



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