Chelcie & Alvero

Chelcie and Alvero Wiggins’ life together started way before they ever thought about saying “I do.” She was 15, he was 17 and the skeptics said it would never last.

“It was like—‘You’re having a baby? People that have babies young don’t stay together,’” says Chelcie looking back. “But we were always confident in our relationship.”

After becoming first-time parents together in high school, the pair committed to co-parenting their son Jaden maturely and respectfully, even if that meant taking some time apart to live and learn as individuals, before they rekindled as a couple.

“I think we both tested each other to the limit,” she says of the partnership. “Going through life as a young person, growing into an adult, you get tested anyway. But we helped each other through it.”

In 2016, Alvero blew Chelcie’s mind with a Christmas proposal she didn’t see coming—“He never even talked about marriage!” she says—and a ring that looked exactly like her grandmother’s. And last June, after spending nearly 13 years together and building a family of six, they closed out another chapter of their epic love story and made it official.

“When I was putting the ring on Alvero’s finger, I was holding my son,” says Chelcie. “It was important to us that guests were comfortable, we let the kids run around—we didn’t want to have some stickler wedding.” The couple rented Lower Sackville’s romantic, tucked-away venue, 34 Brecken Ridge Lane, for a week of relaxation and the ceremony and festivities that followed—drinks, barbecue and dancing.

“You have to make a decision: You’re going to get through it or you’re going to give up,” says Chelcie of their journey to husband and wife. “You have to get through hard times to get good times.”

Wedding Details

Dress: unknown.
Decor: Hand picked flowers from the Bedford Highway
Rentals: McFarlands Events.
Suits: RW & Co. & Moores
Cake: Smith’s Bakery
Caterer: Kyle Crawford
Makeup: Ryah Jane
Music: Caleb Latriell
Wedding Venue: 34 Breckinridge
Reception Venue: 34 Breckinridge
Flowers: My aunt Lori
Venue: 34 Breckin Ridge Lane

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