Paige & Bryce

Chelle Wootten Photography

When Bryce Tully asked Paige Laing on their first date, he knew he wanted it to be special: “I didn’t want our first interaction to be in a drunk, crowded bar,” he remembers, on a joint call with his now-wife. “I told her to meet me on the steps of the campus church the next day for lunch. She showed up seven minutes late; I was on the phone with my dad, worried she wasn’t going to come at all.”

“I was in my residence room and could see the church steps from my window,” Paige interjects. “I watched him arrive and decided to go meet him.”

It fell together simply, perfectly, over the next almost 10 years: A courtship of coffee dates while the two completed their degrees, living together, relocating to Halifax and, while eating chocolate-covered strawberries in a Quebec City hotel room, deciding to commit to forever as Bryce gave Paige a ring made in the town where they met.

The wedding itself—held at downtown Halifax restaurant Lot Six—echoed a similar flawless simplicity. Scattered glass vases holding white roses, with a colour scheme of rich forest green anchored with soft grey. A copper archway with two asymmetrical bouquets added the soft, final flourish.

“We liked the idea of having the ceremony somewhere coastal, but we had a lot of out-of-town guests so a city location made more sense,” Paige says. “We didn’t want to be stressed out by weather…and loved the atrium of Lot Six and how you could feel like you were outdoors.”

The couple also loved the ease of having the ceremony and reception all under one roof—and add that hiring decorators who were familiar with the space streamlined aesthetic choices.

“Our dance floor was the best part,” Paige adds. “Just being there, looking out and seeing all our important people there, relaxed and having fun.”

Chelle Wootten Photography
Chelle Wootten Photography
Chelle Wootten Photography

Wedding Details

Venue / Caterer:  Lot Six

Flowers:  Oopsie Daisy Floral Design

Bride’s dress: Katrina Tuttle

Brides shoes : Biscuit General Store

Groom’s suit: Moore’s

Decor and Decorator: Make Merry & Lot Six’s Sarah Amyotte

Brides makeup: Selena Marchand

Bride’s hair: Marieke Brouwer

Bride’s hair piece : Joanna Bisley Designs

Bridesmaids’ dresses: Park & Fifth Co.

Stationery/ Invitations: Lupin Design 

Hotel: Lord Nelson Hotel

Jewellery:  Cavalier Gastown

Cake:  Homemade by Lot Six GM Sarah Amyotte

Photographer:  Chelle Wootten Photography

Chelle Wootten Photography
Chelle Wootten Photography
Chelle Wootten Photography
Chelle Wootten Photography

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