Sarah & Nick

Alexa Cude
A wedding doesn’t have to look like a Pinterest page to be beautiful.

High school sweethearts Sarah Rudden and Nick Roach have spent the last few years living in Ottawa, but it was never a question that the pair would say their vows in their home province of Nova Scotia. “That’s where our family is, that’s where we grew up and we just feel the most connected to there,” says Sarah. The couple, who had been together for more than nine years before they decided to get married, had a vision for a casual and relaxed gathering. Sarah originally had some grand ideas about flowers and place settings, but she quickly realized the idea of a “Pinterest wedding” wasn’t realistic, and “as long as we end up married at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.” It took some effort to solidify the guest list, which Sarah says “was the hardest thing that we dealt with.” Both Sarah and Nick wanted to keep the wedding on the intimate side. Eventually, they were able to narrow it down to less than 50 people who got to enjoy “a whole weekend of fun” in Pugwash. “We just wanted to drink and eat good food, and we got all of that.”

Alexa Cude
Alexa Cude

It’s the little moments, Sarah explains, that she’ll remember most. One particularly cherished memory took place the day of the nuptials when both Nick and Sarah happened to wake up early. They took advantage of the extra time for a romantic stroll down to their venue at the Thinkers Lodge, then to the beach. “Just like little, smaller moments like that I think,” says Sarah, “I didn’t expect to have those things.”

Alexa Cude
Alexa Cude
Alexa Cude

Wedding Details

Date: August 26, 2017
Venue: Thinker’s Lodge and Lobster Factory, Pugwash, NS
Caterer: Asado Woodfire Grill
Flowers: Humble Burdock
Dress: Kleinfields at The Bay
Suit: Indochino
Decor: Make Merry Event and Party Time Truro
Makeup: Danielle Grasley
Hair: Blush by the Cove, Anna Laprade
Jewellery: Davie & Chiyo
Cake/Dessert: The Old Apothecary
Invitations: made x mel, Melissa Marchand
Photographer: Alexa Cude
Videographer: Lindsay McMullen

Alexa Cude
Alexa Cude

  1. I was there, this was an incredibly unique, sincere, and beautiful celebration of two great people. Sarah should seriously plan weddings!

  2. Sarah and nick you guys are so lucky to have a dream come true from start to finish and to have all the wonderful people in your life that we met that week it was one of the best weeks off my life thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting us to take part on your special day oxox nicks family are outstanding and I am very proud to call them family

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