Savvy & Alex

Molly Ilse Photography

Wedding Details

Bedford Bridal

Wedding Venue
Governor General Yard by the Wolastoq River

Feather bouquets
design by the bride, Dolores Sock & Aline Flower Shop

Spicer Cole Fine Jewellers

Molly Ilse Photography

Married August 16, 2016

Savvy Simon and Alex Tomer had a lot in common from day one: Both were involved in community work and both had a strong connection to their Mi’kmaq and Maliseet heritage. For Simon at least, it wasn’t love at first sight, but more love at first kiss: “From the first kiss I was like ‘Wow, I’ve never had a kiss like that in my life,’ it just felt so comfortable, so right,” she remembers. When Alex proposed, at a swank Italian eatery in Halifax, he memorized “Will you marry me?” in Mi’kmaq, but last-second nerves had him choke out the question in English. The pair decided almost instantly that they wanted a summer wedding, meaning they’d have to move fast from the November proposal. “It was so stressful at times, I really wish I’d had a wedding planner,” the bride adds. In the end, things came together so well that Simon says it’s hard for to pick a favourite part of the day. It was a culturally-steeped affair honouring the couple’s roots, with Inuit throat singing and a sweat lodge for wedding party bonding (the sweat lodge was a new experience for many of the wedding party, with some “crying, healing and having spiritual moments,” she adds). Oh, and as for her favourite part? Once she decides, it’s with conviction: “When I was walking down the aisle and just seeing my husband tear up with gratitude in his eyes.”

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