Tony & Nelson

Rachael Shrum Photography

It was a Christmas Day proposal that neither of them saw coming.

“We opened all of our presents and then Tony went to go get more coffee,” Nelson Samson says, sitting across from his husband Tony Blinkhorn at Café Lara. “I already had the ring wrapped up and everything, so when he came back in with the coffee I said, ‘Oh there’s one more present under there.’ It was very obvious what it was.”

The two 29-year-olds shared a bottle of champagne to celebrate. But all the while, Nelson was green with envy. “I instantly got jealous,” he says. “I don’t know how two boys get engaged. Tony had a ring and I wanted one. I was like, ‘Now I want one too!’”

So, Tony and Nelson bought another ring.

It’s on-trend for couples to get each other engagement rings, and it seemed like a natural outcome for this pair who have been attached at the hip since they first met.

“We’re not the type that it’s like, ‘I need my alone time.’ We honestly do everything together,” Nelson says.

“To the point where we start dressing the same,” finishes Tony. “We get confused as brothers all the time…pretty much like once a week,” he adds.

The couple were wed in May 2019 at Lot Six Bar & Restaurant in Halifax. They both had their sights set on the location soon after they had started dating. The moody, intimate venue matched their personal style and was perfect for their 100-person guest
list of close friends and immediate family.

“We had a clear vision of what we wanted our wedding to be,” Nelson says. “We didn’t want it to be extravagant.”

Both agreed on a wedding that was elegantly simple and tastefully laidback. No themes, no three-course dinners and no games or gimmicks. The wedding ceremony itself was only 10 minutes long.

The most memorable part of their day was the hour spent driving around Halifax in a limousine with their girlfriends, popping bottles and singing along to their favourite songs.

“The thing that I found was the most special was walking into the room and having literally every single person that you care about, ” Tony says, “that normally wouldn’t ever come together be there for you.


Wedding Details

Suits: Indochino

Decor: Blissful Beginnings / Lot Six Bar and Restaurant

Cake: Lemon and Lavender Bakeshop

Donuts: Vandal Doughnuts

Caterer: Lot Six Bar and Restaurant

Flowers: KoKo Mod Floral Design

Hair: Lucky Cat Barbershop

Rings: Peoples Jewellers

Invites/Stationery: Vistaprint

Music: Lot Six Bar and Restaurant

Photographer: Rachael Shrum Photography

Wedding Venue: Lot Six Bar and Restaurant

Reception Venue: Lot Six Bar and Restaurant

Wedding Planner: Paria Jamshidi, Blissful Beginnings


  1. I absolutely love the story so fitting for you both. Mom and dad are so proud of you Tony to seek such a wonderful husband. Luv you both. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfectly planned. My best mother’s day gift ever.

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