Allison & Eliman

Evan McMaster

Their friends knew from the start that Alison Shears and Eliman Camara were meant to be—and it didn’t take long for the now-engaged couple to see it, too. The pair met at a group hangout on Canada Day (“Our friends really wanted me to meet her,” he says), with the holiday’s festivities soon stretching into a marathon date that ended with a walk from the Alderney ferry to downtown Halifax.

“I definitely noticed something different about him—he was just, open,” Allison recalls of the first encounter. “He said he would call and he did.”

Fast-forward four years (one and a half of which was long-distance) and the couple were once again alone together in a crowd of friends: This time, it was a champagne-soaked reception, welcoming them home from a fancy dinner where, over dessert, Eliman asked the big question. “We rely on our friends—they’re our family out here,” Allison explains, as the Halifax-based duo currently resides in Calgary.

The pair will return to Nova Scotia for their nuptials, as well as host a celebration in Eliman’s native Gambia. Obviously, both occasions will start and end surrounded by friends.

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