Amanda & Brian

Nothing says modern romance like the frenetic buzz of a call centre. Right? Well that’s where the story started for Amanda and Brian, whose sparks flew in 2006 while the pair were working as telemarketers in Montreal. Though they’re self-proclaimed opposites—an “outgoing networker” and an “independent homebody”—they bonded over shared interests in music, politics and art homebody and found the balance between productivity and good times. Years later, back on the east coast, Brian let Amanda’s family and friends in on a secret: he was going to propose. He “had the ring burning a hole in his pocket during a three-day trip to Cape Breton with my entire family squeezed into one vehicle,” she says. But he held onto it until after the roadie to shock Amanda with his romantic gesture. “He waited until we were back on the south shore and had some alone time. We went to this duck pond near my parents’ house to feed the ducks and I found the ring-box
hidden in with the baguette!”

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