Amanda & Drew

Amanda and Drew Engaged

Ah, modern love. The internet has made it easier for us all to find our match. That’s how Amanda and Drew met. Brought together by the dating site Plenty of Fish, the two hit it off from their first date—a night at the pub for beer and wings. It’s “not the most romantic thing, but is actually exactly what I’m into,” says Amanda. Fast-forward a couple of years—the two have successfully reeled each other in, and decided to buy a fish tank for their home. Amanda didn’t want any old setup in her living room; it had to have something special in it, she remembers saying to Drew. “We had been going out to Peggys Cove or wherever every weekend to try and collect a rock or piece of driftwood here and there,” she says of their vision. Then one night, after she returned from a weekend away, Drew told Amanda he had put the finishing touch on the tank. “He said, ‘Come here Amanda, I want to show you something…I even put something magical in there for you,'” she says. To her surprise, the special touch was an engagement ring. “He’s really good at those kinds of thoughtful things,” says Amanda of her fiance. What a catch! —Ashley Corbett

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