Ashley & Brandon

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Normally, locking yourself out of your car is nothing but a nuisance, but for Ashley Shaw and Brandon Revels, it was the start of a wonderful romance. “Brandon and I met in high school. I actually locked myself out of my car and he waited around for the tow truck to come,” says Ashley. “I pretty much knew instantly there was something special about him, so when he asked me for coffee a week later I was so happy.” 

From that point on, it was meant to be. “He proposed on our five-year
anniversary at Niche and of course I said yes! I was still in nursing school at that time, so we decided to wait until I was finished to start planning the wedding,” Ashley says. “It’s been two years now of being engaged and we’ve just started the planning process.” They’ve also set a date for the wedding—their eight-year anniversary, next October. 

Classic high school sweethearts
Brandon and Ashley are a true example of love being right in front of you the whole time, or at least a few lockers away.

“It’s kind of funny,” says Ashley, “we had never talked before, but we had lockers almost right next to each other for a whole year and we even had a class together in Grade 9.”

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