Elaine & Desmond

One Blue Fish

Elaine Cadieux knew something was off when she went hiking with her boyfriend Desmond Miller in Taylor Head Provincial Park last year. She’s the more outdoorsy of the couple, but Desmond’s happy to join her on the trail “a couple times a year.” On this particular hike, however, he was acting strange.

When they arrived at a picnic area, another pair was already there, so Desmond was determined to find a different spot to stop. “He’s a very social person and always chatting with people that we run into, so I was very taken aback,” says Elaine. Unbeknownst to her, Desmond was about to propose.

Neither Elaine nor Desmond are from Halifax—Elaine hails from Montreal while Desmond is from the Bahamas. But perhaps they were both meant to move here so they could meet.

“We can be very opposite but when we’re together we have so much fun, and I think that always takes precedence over any kind of head-butting that we might have,” says Elaine. “We’re very similar in personalities and what’s important in life—we have the same vision.”

One of those similarities is a love for being near the water, which ended up being part of the proposal. With his picnic area plans dashed, Desmond popped the question on a rock
overlooking the ocean.

“That’s kind of when he tried to drop on one knee, but the terrain—he was so unbalanced,” Elaine recalls, laughing. “It was really beautiful, though, in its own way.” 

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