Genevieve & Anthony

Genevieve met Anthony—known as Kuria to his friends—-six years ago when they were both studying at Cape Breton University. He was an international student, transplanted to the tiny island from Kenya and she was a Cape Bretoner who stayed home for her studies, and they instantly clicked—so much so they’ve been together since. Last August, the pair headed to Africa for a month-long vacation of visiting friends and family, and taking some time to be tourists. The final stop was Mombasa for a week of pure resort relaxation. At their last meal, on their last night, after watching local dancers and indulging in a beautiful dinner, Kuria uttered something unsettling: “I lied to you about something,” he said. But on the scale of lies, it was a wonderful one. “He pulled out the most beautiful blingy ring and got down on one knee,” recalls Genevieve. “I kept saying, ‘Kuria, what are you doing?’” He asked her to be his wife and she, of course, said yes. It turns out he waited to pop the question in Mombasa because his parents had honeymooned there 30 years ago. After a round of applause from the restaurant staff and a bottle of wine, the campus sweethearts went back to their villa and watched the ocean. “It was the best night of my life, for sure,” says Genevieve. The pair will marry in Halifax in May 2015 and again in Nairobi in 2016.

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