Lend me your earrings

Heather Mizzi’s online business, My Something Borrowed, gives brides access to designer jewellery, regardless of their budget.

Heather Mizzi, founder of My Something Borrowed. MEGHAN TANSEY WHITTON

Heather Mizzi came up with the idea for My Something Borrowed in 2012 in the midst of her own wedding preparations. “I knew there had to be a better way to wear dreamy, designer sparkle without the hefty price point,” she says. “Rent the Runway in the US and Rent Frock Repeat in Canada are doing it for designer clothes. I thought why not for bridal accessories?”

Here’s how it works: brides select jewellery and accessories for their special day on the website, and rent them for a period of four to eight days. “Following your wedding, package everything back into the box, stick the return shipping label we provide on the exterior and ta da! it’s on its way back to My Something Borrowed,” says Mizzi.

It’s a concept that gives new meaning to the term ‘something borrowed.’ There’s no end to the selection of breathtaking jewellery, headpieces, veils and more, that pulls on a bride’s heartstrings, not her purse strings. Mizzi has lovingly selected her collection, which includes the best Canadian, American and Australian designers. “Brides and their friends and family love our business model,” she says. “They can’t believe a service like this exists.”

“Many brides just can’t justify spending over $200 on a bracelet or earrings she may never wear again.” At My Something Borrowed, they can rent that expensive bracelet for $35. “To see a bride light up when I tell them they can borrow the pieces at a fraction of the cost,”  she says, “well, it justifies why I started this business.” If that bracelet or veil is too special to part with, you can buy from My Something Borrowed as well.

Mizzi sees brides go for a variety of looks depending on their tastes. “Anything from vintage, to boho, to glam, to more modern, simple lines,” she says. “The April Showers and Dearest Daisy hair bands in my online boutique are quickly becoming the most popular pieces. We have curated a signed vintage jewelry collection from some of the top costume jewelry designers from the ’40s and ’50s.”

“One thing that remains a constant,” she notes, “is that sparkle never goes out of style.”

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