Three tips for perfect wedding makeup

“You want to feel like yourself and still look like yourself,” says Allison Kirby. CANDACE BERRY

How to pucker up, blot out and ensure you put your best face forward on the big day.

By Rebecca Dingwell

1. Photos matter
“Professional photography actually takes away 75 percent of the makeup,” says Kirby, so that’s important to consider that when hiring an artist or doing your own makeup. “If you don’t have your makeup kind of bumped up and applied with the technique and the products properly, you’re gonna be completely washed out in your photos.”

2. Don’t experiment
Your wedding—and the days leading up to it—is not the time to try something you’ve never done before. A new cleanser or cream, for example, could cause a breakout. As for makeup: “If you never wear a red lip, you don’t want to wear a red lip on your wedding day,” says makeup artist, Allison Kirby. “You want to feel like yourself and still look like yourself. Years from now you don’t want to look back on your photos and be like, ‘Why was I wearing that red lip?’”

3. Prepare for waterworks
Sweat and tears (but hopefully not blood) are certainly things you’ll have to deal with. Kirby suggests using primer and setting spray to ensure your foundation doesn’t melt off, even if your wedding is happening in the middle of August. Whatever the season, the possibility of crying also needs to be kept in mind “if you do makeup for the mom or the sister or even the bride herself,” says Kirby. “Obviously have tissues with you, and instead of dragging the makeup or wiping the makeup you just wanna dab.” Waterproof mascara is a must, and Kirby finds it best to skip eyeliner on the waterline or lower lash-line. “What I do is actually take an eyeshadow in a darker brown and just kind of smudge it underneath the lash-line and the waterline, so if some things do get a little smudge it will actually kind of enhance the look.”

“Weddings specifically—it’s kind of special for me because you’re sharing with someone, probably, the most important day of their lives.”

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